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Dear smart, strong, sensitive, mis-fit, truth-telling, artistic, pioneering, female* friends,

Did you know? Gifted leaders, especially neurodiverse female ones, are the ones that are best equipped to think outside the box and serve in times of hardship.

This means YOU. The world needs you and your voice, quirks, wounds and all, now more than ever. 

Everyone has gifts to offer to the world. Our gifts come from hard passages that have taught us hard-won lessons. They also come from the "extra antennae" that we were born with; the parts of us that stand-out, that are extra sensitive, extra smart, extra creative... the parts of us that are able to see/feel/hear the world in ways beyond the norm. 

We might as well use the word "outlier" to refer to our "gifts". 

These unique parts of us, however, are often seen as flaws instead of gifts.

Gifted women sometimes spend their whole lives hiding their neurodiverse genius in the closet because it's too painful to stand out in our culture.

Until neurodiverse leadership styles are welcome, women like you will continue to be held back.

It's not that you need to be more perfect. It's not that you need to fix your flaws.

It's time to reboot what it means to be a leader. 

"Beauty begins where perfection ends." -Dr. Douglas Brooks
  • Are you tired of feeling alone in the world?
  • Are you experiencing burn-out as a woman "doing it all", but aching to be able to make more of a difference in the world? 
  • Are you sick and tired of how much you have to change your personality as a professional woman in order to be accepted by Western culture, especially business culture?  
  • Do you struggle with the feeling that you aren't qualified enough to be making a big difference in the world? 
  • And, are you disturbed, overwhelmed, and questioning everything because of the state of our world... Are you wondering how you'll make it through the winter?

Welcome to your safe haven. 

Our theme for 2020 is: 
Navigating a Global Dark Night of the Soul

This symposium is here to support you, to validate you, so that you can also support others, in the hard days to come.

*female = female identifying/aligned 

We are dedicating this weekend to all the women who’ve ended up in narrow neurobiological cages.

What does Gifted mean?

If you feel an intense urge to share your gifts with the world in order to address the world's pain points, if you value multi-levelness (the ability to observe multiple points of view at once within yourself and others), and if you have extra "antennae" (AKA sensitivities)...  you are gifted by our definition. We believe that there are many different forms of giftedness and that everyone has gifts. And, in this platform we are placing an emphasis on the women in our world who are dismissed or beaten down for being neurological, sensitive outliers. 

(Note: The reason that we are using the words "female neurodiversity", instead of "neurodivergence", is because we have found that in the context of western culture leadership norms, all women are neruological outliers due to our larger auditory cortex and left/right brain interaction (caused by estrogen dominance.)

As we listen to our 20 gifted female presenters, we will get to witness how they overcame blocks, embraced their imperfection, and took action anyway; all while embodying humility and dignity. 

Our team of speakers is 50% BIPOC and comes from an amazing diversity of different industries, ages and locations all over the world. We also have suicide survivors, domestic violence survivors/workers, chronic illness survivors, narcissistic abuse survivors, a teen mom who became a CFO at 27 and two cancer survivors...

At the end of the weekend, we want everyone to think:

"If she did it, I can do it too."

  • Are you ready to hear stories of hard-won truths that came from hard-passages? 
  • Are you ready to learn cutting-edge wisdom from women who started out just like you?
  • And are you ready to contribute to our culture revolution?

Our Speakers

Join our Gifted Women Leaders as they boldly and vulnerably share their stories, their gifts and their voices that have come out of their personal (and cultural) struggles against all odds.

Suzanne Sterling 

Voice of Change, Off the Mat Into the World, Yoga Public Figure

Topic: Inspiring others to find their unique voice as a tool for conscious evolution

Olivia Omega

Diversity and Inclusion Advocate, TEDx Speaker, Branding Strategist

Topic: Beauty in the hot mess; Authenticity as your brand 

Pamela Tanner Boll

Mystic Artist Film Productions: Academy Award Best Documentary Film (Born into Brothels)

Topic: Finding art and activism as a calling late in life

Amisha Ghadiali

The Future is Beautiful Podcast, Beautiful Leadership

Topic: Coming out of the spiritual closet, Discovering intuition as a way to navigate life

Sianna Sherman

Rasa Yoga, Mythic Yoga Flow®,

Topic: Dark Night of the Soul & the Heroine's Journey, Weaving Feminine Spiritual Values into Business

Makeda Brown

PVR Executive Coach, Principle Consultant, Diversity and Inclusion Expert

Topic: Navigating corporate America unconscious bias, becoming an entrepreneur late in life.



Philanthropy Expert, WINK (Women in Kind), Political Activist

 Topic: Social responsibility as a gifted woman, linking passion, values and business. 



Bixa Research, "Instabrain" best-selling book

Topic: Transmuting hard times into igniting business & financial value from solving problems non-linearly.



Co-Founder of The Culture Collective and Head of Product Marketing at Beaconforce

Topic: Navigating generational bias in the workplace as a woman born to lead.

Elaine Yarbrough, PhD

 Yarbrough Group

38 yrs of Developing the Human Side of Organizations,

Topic: Mother & Daughter business team and making it through dark nights together

Michele Lopez

Celebrity Image Consultant & Lifestyle Coach, Producer of "Love Dot Com" Netflix film

Topic: Fully, vividly expressing yourself as a means to success.

Julie Fasone Holder

JFH Insights, Michigan State University Professor, Former VP of Dow Chemical

Topic: Staying in the trenches to build a better world for the women who come next.

Danielle Shoots

Daily Boss Up, CFO of Colorado Trust, TedX Speaker, CWCC Top 25 Most Powerful Woman in Business

Topic: Being a teen mom & navigating relationships as a woman always 10 steps ahead of the team. 

Jennifer Hansen

Enlightened Solutions & The Hansen Foundation

Topic: Addiction Treatment that sticks is all about community and leaders who care... and who've been there and back.

Lara JK Wilson,

 Be Well Be Here and The Festival of Authors

Topic: Cancer recovery, motherhood, community and mindfulness.

Chandreyi Davis

VP of Brand Marketing, Brand Expedia at Expedia Group, Mindfulness teacher

Topic: Unexpected life obstacles as a path to finding your ideal career, despite family pressures.

Larissa Maloney

Former Pro Beach Volleyball Player, Owner of Active Kids 2.0, Podcast host, Teacher, Actress, Business Woman

Topic: Converging multi-talents into a unique business that the world really needs.



The Mindset Group: International Leadership Trainer, Executive Coach, Organizational Change Management Expert

Topic: Spiritual and interpersonal giftedness as a framework for authentic and powerful business cultures.



ForHERHealth, Shift C-Suite Consulting, Women's Health rights in politics

Topic: Bridging the gap between corporate leadership, women's health, politics and spirituality: How to be a badass female in business after 40.

Gigi McMillan

Professional Image Consultant and Social Justice Warrior

Topic: Chief Creative Officer of Kamisol Style Consultancy and the founder of the
non-profit organization Purple Runway: Helping rebuild the lives of domestic violence survivors.

Lindsay Burr

Yarbrough Group

Topic: Millennial perspectives on the multi-generational workplace & navigating hard times with clear, compassionate communication. 

Diane McKnight

University of Colorado Engineering Professor, INSTAAR fellow, NSF Arctic Program Officer,  & more!

Topic: Fostering gifted students who "want to save the world" , navigating rugged work as a female climate change scientist.

Nicole Grant

Yoga Mandala and the Mandala Project, AuthorYogini's Dilemma

Topic: Being a community leader as a spiritual woman on a mission to keep yoga spirituality  culture in integrity.

Angela Grace

Health Coach, Business Consultant, High Impact Pilates Instructor and Yoga Public Figure, Health Crisis Survivor

Saturday Movement Instructor, Sunday Co-Facilitator in Collaboration Circle

Eve Burnham

 Extreme Trauma Suvivor, Trauma Coach, Mother of 4 

Friday Collaboration Circle Co-facilitator

Jen DePalo Peterson

Gyrotonic Bodhi studio owner, International Master GYROTONICS® and GYROKINESIS® Trainer, and Principle Dancer

Sunday Movement Instructor

Ahva Lenay

Unitive Justice Facilitator, Founder of Rhythm Sanctuary- Ecstatic Dance Denver, Mediator and Conscious coupling and uncoupling.

Saturday Collaboration Circle Co-Facilitator 

Heather MacDonald

Wild Insight Yoga and Qigong, Gifted Yogini, Renegade Teacher, Wild Woman, Suicide Survivor  

Friday Movement Instructor

Join us Live: 8am MST Friday, October 23rd through 7pm MST Sunday, October 25th.

(If you cannot attend live or prefer to purchase Recordings + Curriculum Package, Register Anyways and Follow the Links.)

our theme for 2020 is:

Navigating a Global Dark Night of the Soul

My Traumatic story that shaped this summit.

I'm Erin Keeley

Founder of the Interpersonal Institute

I’m the founder of this summit and your MC and facilitator for this weekend. I’m the founder of the Interpersonal Institute, an education-based, collaborative organization that offers coaching, consulting, and training in Interpersonal Intelligence, the magic missing ingredient in Western Culture. I’m also a life, executive, and relationship coach for gifted and talented women.

I’ve lived a life of death and loss, tenacity and beauty that began with my adventurous spirit studying climate change in Antarctica and traveling around the world as a rock climber. I used to think I was tough... but life has shown me my limits along with my potential. I’ve been through several positive disintegrations and came out stronger every time. I'm a suicide survivor, a chronic pain and Lyme disease survivor, a narcisistic abuse survivor and a single mother of an amazing neurodiverse boy to boot.

Right after my brother took his life in 2002, instead of going on to complete my PhD, I left my previous career as a climate change scientist because I realized something huge: The core problem with us destroying our own home is a psychological one, not just a hard science one. I left not because science doesn’t matter, but because the science is useless if we aren’t promoting empathy and neighborliness in society. “Independent” culture without collaborative culture, creates narcissism, it’s as simple as that.

I have learned about how to welcome diverse gifts via "team" from my own diverse experiences... as a public high school science teacher, a state-championship high school gymnastics coach, running outdoor kids science groups, rock climbing all over the world, teaching yoga and yoga teacher trainings, helping to start-up several businesses and franchises, traveling to South India to study "relationship as a growth path" spiritual traditions, running Authentic Relating facilitation programs, using Patrick Lencioni's work in executive consulting, being an attachment-based Authentic Relationship coach, and last but not least: Being a mother of a neurodiverse boy.

Businesses work with us to engineer on-purpose online and in-person cultures that foster profitable businesses where talented employees of all genders, races, generations, and neurodiverse archetypes thrive. I combine my engineering mind with cutting-edge soft skills to up-level cultures to meet the fast-paced, innovative needs of the modern world.

We help our clients claim the right to be ecstatically alive, in all the places they touch the world, despite flaws. But most importantly, we offer these gifts and wisdom to all not as gurus, but as guides on a path of collaboration with you.

What do the 3 days include? 

  • This is an interactive retreat for you. (If you can't attend live, see "All-Access Package" below.)
  • Interviews with amazing female leaders that you watch at your own pace (7 per day),
  • Interactive Authentic Relating Circles™ (with small break-out groups), 
  • Movement Sessions with world-class instructors (Yoga, Pilates, and GYROKINESIS®), 
  • Opening and Closing Gatherings (with meditation and connection). 
  • Linked In and Facebook Networking Groups (for attendees and purchasers ONLY.)
  • If you can't attend live or you want more: The All-Access Package includes: Recordings of the 3 days, Access to networking groups, Curriculum from each presenter, and an Online Course from the Interpersonal Institute. (You can purchase the All-Access Package below if you can not attend live)


I don’t know if I’m gifted, can I come anyway?

YES! If you have read this far, you are probably gifted: If you feel an intense urge to share your gifts with the world and you are capable of multi-levelness (link to glossary), you are gifted by our definition.

There are many ways to be gifted. If you are a curiosity addict, sensitive, imaginative, artistic, intuitive, intelligent or are somatically intune in any way, and also struggle with feeling misunderstood and being forced to process linearly like others, you will fit in nicely here.

We also welcome women in the middle of their own Dark Night of the Soul, otherwise known as “positive disintegration”, a common gifted trait, of course. If you want to know what type of gifted you are, take the quiz HERE (link coming)

Am I going to be a captive audience to sales?

No!... We want this summit to empower, educate and inspire and network. We believe in abundance. The more we interact, the more we all receive. (However, each presenter will send out their business information after the summit for your ease of access. There is also a board for you to post what you do, too.)

Is the summit only available to women?

No! We welcome everyone who supports the equity of opportunity for everyone.

Will you be having another one this year?

This is our first-ever conference and we are excited to see the response. You can sign up for our newsletter here to be the first to receive updates.

I’m not a business owner, is this still for me?

Of course! As long as you believe in the power of powerful women sharing stories and networking, this summit will nourish your soul.

What if I miss some of the free interviews?

The summit recordings will be for sale after the last day and includes curriculum offerings from each presenter.

Join us Live Friday, October 23rd through Sunday, October 25th.

(If you prefer to purchase Recordings + Curriculum Package, Register Anyways and Follow the Links.)

To learn more about our other work, click on the logos below! Erin is an Executive, Vocational & Relationship Coach for Women and a Relationship-Oriented Organizational Health Consultant.

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