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our theme for 2020 is:

Navigating a Global Dark Night of the Soul

It's true: We are in a Global Dark Night of the Soul, otherwise known as an "existential crisis", or a "positive disintegration".

And it's not pretty: Most women in America were already burnt out before 2020. Now we have civil unrest. Climate crisis. Pandemic. Economic depression. Income gap. Gender gap still not solved. No subsidized childcare (and Homeschool!?), Ugh. 

And it will most likely get darker before it gets better.

But there's hope: Gifted leaders, especially neurodiverse female ones, are the ones that are best equipped to think outside the box and serve in times of dark nights. That's us!

What does Gifted mean?
  • If you feel an intense urge to share your gifts with the world in order to address the world's pain points, if you are capable of multi-levelness (the ability to observe multiple points of view at once within yourself and others), and if you have extra "antennae" (AKA sensitivities), you are gifted by our definition.

It's us gifted ones that can see blind-spots and creative out-of-the-box solutions. Gifted people also go through many natural positive disintegrations, ups and downs, in our lifetimes: This is what gives us our ability to latch onto great ideas, our callings, born of seeing solutions to pain. The "downs" we go through are neccessary, but they can also be really terrifying and gruesome.

We can be naturals at guiding others through "Dark Nights of the Soul" once we've found the community and wisdom tools that we need to make it through.

But, no one should go through a Dark Night alone. 
The purpose of this summit is to inquire into how we can help each other move through dark nights and into our callings. We will lift you up and provide the sisterhood you've been craving so that we can face the world's greatest pain points, together, for years to come.

We will inspire each other with our stories, build real community that lasts off screen, nurture each other, build hope for each other, heal imposter syndrome together, generate new ideas together, and normalize what it looks and feels like to be a gifted female leader.

All of this can happen if we make the committment to form authentic bonds that validate each of our neurodiverse experiences as brilliant women.  

Gifted people are natural warriors for the soul and for the planet. We are BORN to do something about the world's pain. 

If you are bursting at the seams, full of ideas, tired of feeling small, and ready to get in the game and make a difference... join us.

It is crucial that we bring each other up, that we team up, stop stabbing each other in the back and create a real sisterhood.

Gifted women are all too often gaslit, misdiagnosed, and misunderstood in our culture.  

Being a gifted female leader is not necessarily a gift in a world that measures leadership success through a white, male neurobiological lens. The female brain is not like the male brain. And a gifted female brain is even more unique. 

The problem for us is not that making a difference in the world is impossible. It’s also not that we are bad, stupid, or lazy (those words come from others that don’t understand us at all). 

Being gifted can make women a target for attack by hidden caste systems that are afraid of her vision, her heart and her crititcal thinking ability that undermines tyranny.

Over a lifetime of attack, a woman will eventually hide her gifts in a closet for good. 

Why aren't more gifted women moving into the world's most important decision making roles?

When you are still stuck in the closet, you are most likely having thoughts like: 

  • I know I am sensitive, opinionated, outspoken, intense, and emotional... people don't like me enough to be a leader.
  • I am just one small person; I can’t change the world by myself. 
  • I don't want to be seen as arrogant and elitist! (Watch this short video, "Is the word GIFTED elitist?" to hear more on this subject.)
  • How am I going to find the time, money, and energy?
  • All I see is how the world is doomed: Where is the hope? 
  • My family needs me right now; am I being selfish by wanting to help the world?
  • I still have so much more healing to do before I am ready to be a leader.
  • I just don't fit into organizational culture (and I don't like it), so why try?
  • What if I step up and let everyone down? 
  • I'm such a creative disaster; I don’t have my life together enough to be a changemaker in this world. 

If any of these ring true, this summit is for you. 

"If a gifted person isn’t able to deliver their gifts and help the world, they can become prone to psychache: the feeling of complete hopeless despair that leads to suicide. As I lost my own big-hearted, gifted brother to suicide, and I've struggled with imposter syndrome myself, I get how important it is to support gifted people.

We don’t want this to happen to gifted people anymore. Period."- Erin

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